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Digital Passive Gymnastics – EMS

Digital Passive Gymnastics – EMS

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Our team of Digital Passive Gymnastics

Gym Team Ultra Digital Perfect Beauty, uses an electrode system by Micropulse tones atonic its muscle by muscle contraction is maintained for a moment and the muscle fiber, it helps treat sagging reaffirms stimulates circulation blood and lymph, providing a constant tone.

What is the passive exercise?

It is a body contouring technique that, through electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions, has a stimulating effect on the mobilization of fatty deposits in different parts of the body.

Firms, tones and rehabilitates the muscles; prevents sagging arms, thighs, buttocks and legs. It is also recommended as postpartum treatment because it acts as a tonic stimulus increases consistency and reduces sagging.

Electrostimulation technique used in rehabilitation since the mid-70s and has brought about significant progress for conditions such as muscle atrophy, contractures, thrombosis and paralyzed muscles, plus pain.

How passive exercise work?

It involves the application of currents that simulate the electrical impulse that sends the nervous system to the muscle contraction to perform. This stimulation is performed by placing plates or electrodes on the surface to be treated in order to get the muscle to contract, as if he had received the nerve impulse. Thus, the electro acts from the internal tissues of the body to extremes and has three basic physiological effects:

As passive exercise has a tonic and trophic effect (to improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the treated areas, it facilitates the nutrition of cells), increasing consistency and reducing the degree of hypotonia or sagging.
As circulatory and lymphatic stimulation deep. So it is useful for treating edemas of vascular origin and circulatory disorders.
As metabolism activator promotes nutritional parts.

Accessories included

  • Luxury pedestal or table
  • Cable outlet stream
  • Manual
  • 16 body electrodes
  • Russian current electrodes 6
  • 2-electrode bust
  • 2 facial electrodes
  • Elastic bands 6